What Our Patients Say

Evon Bellamy

testimonials-bellamyTo Evon Bellamy, the Care Team at Coastal Cancer Center seems almost like family. Evon says she can live her life just as it was before she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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Jerome Brown

testimonials-brownCancer is a frightening disease, but lung cancer patient Jerome Brown appreciates a Care Team that makes him feel so comfortable, they take the scary part out.

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Carol Fisher

testimonials-fisherCarol Fisher needed follow-up treatment after surgery for brain cancer and her search led her to a cancer center that offers what she calls world class care, close to home.

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Art Medlin

testimonials-medlinArt Medlin considered getting treatment for his melanoma at one of the best-known cancer clinics in the country, but he didn’t want to have to drive several hours to get there.

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Katrina Strack

testimonials-strackKatrina Strack has questions about her breast cancer treatment and likes the fact that her doctor and Care Team put her so much at ease when they respond to her concerns.

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Arthur Updike

testimonials-updikeArt Updike knows he needs a support system to help him fight stage 3 colon cancer. For Art, a big part of that support comes from the Care Team at Coastal Cancer Center.

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